Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Evan's First Day of Kindergarten

There are many firsts in life. The first day of school is a big one. We might not remember the details down the road so pictures are always good. 
Kindergarten starts at 9:15am.  I woke Evan up at 8:10 and he was ready to go by 8:40am. Clothes on, hair combed, teeth brushed, breakfast, shoes and socks and backpack on. 
 That's a first for my sloth of a child.  

 So we took a few pictures to remember today!

 When we made it to the school I asked him if he wanted me to walk in with him. 
He said "No Mom, I'm ok". He's such a big kid. So I took a quick picture with he has his teacher and then walked outside of the Kindergarten playground and waited for their class to walk in. 
He's going to have so much fun. And no I didn't cry, because I know this is the start of wonderful things for him. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Put on your Ears It's time for Cheers, Dean turned 4!

 Our middle child, Dean insisted on a Birthday Party this year. Only a Mickey party would do.  Now there are quite a few over the top Mickey Mouse Birthday Party's such as this one.  They do have a lot of great ideas.  Here is my homemade Mickey party! Got to love it!
 Baked up a box of Trader Joe's Chocolate cake, added some butter cream icing I bought off my cake decorator neighbor.  All those years at Mason's Bakery in Whittier and I can write rather well in frosting.  I'm super proud of the little suspended banner.
 The table set for fun!
Yes, that is our fabric Birthday Banner that I made 2 years ago. I love it. It just represents "Birthday" at our house. If you really want one contact me and we can negotiate.
 As the take away. I used large lunch sacks and printed out a cute little tag for each child to collect their pinata candy.  Thanks Tiffany for letting us use your Mikey craft punch, it was used!
  Mickey mouse party hats. Check!  I purchased kids party hats at Target and then cut out 30 - 3 1/2 inch circles.  Folded down one side and hot glued them to the hats.
 Can't forget the pinata.  Homemade yes!  Followed these instructions here, all I had to purchase was the black crepe paper.
 The kids showed up and we handed out coloring pages printed off of the Disney Junior website. It was a good opening activity while they showed up.
We played a round of duck, duck, goose.  As well as Red Rover Red Rover.
Sang Happy Birthday and ate some cake. 
Opened presents. I love the huddle to see what he opened. 
And then we let them swing at the pinata. 
Waiting for their turns. 

It was a wonderful party! Thanks to the kids who showed up, and the wonderful gifts. It made one 4 year old very very happy!