Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Think we'll keep Him.

 Our sweet Grant is a week old!  We are enjoying having him at home with us and we are trying to get use to having a baby around.  Which means trying to be a lot more quite while he is sleeping.  Luckily it appears as though for now he can sleep through quite a bit of noise.
 Big brother Evan loves holding Grant.
 First sponge bath at home. He didn't like being naked, but loved having the water washed over his head.

Dean and Evan had to get into the action.
Grandma Balke has been visiting us.  Yea for Grandma!! She gives Evan and Dean the attention they need and is the magic fairy who has kept the dishes washed, laundry done, floor mopped,  and so much more.
 Grandma and her three Grandsons

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Bobby Sue said...

Yeah for Grandma's. ;0)