Monday, November 28, 2011

Lovely Thanksgiving!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving here in Utah with the Barclay side, hope you did wherever you spent your time!  

This year we are grateful for much! Grateful for our family and loved ones, for the addition of Grant to our family.  We are grateful for work, and the means to sustain our growing family.  We are grateful for our testimonies is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have been blessed!

There was no attempt to get a family picture at Thanksgiving, last year wasn't that successful.  Maybe will try to get a candid one in the new few weeks.
 We are grateful for little Joshua and Grant!

 Love this face!

Here are a few shots of our feast!
 It was a small group this year, just 15 of us. Babies and all!

 Tye was done 5 minutes into the meal! He ended up falling asleep while Grandma held him.
 Took a little walk with the kids after the meal! Evan, Eeva, and Dean
Yes, all the leaves are off the trees! But no snow on the ground yet.

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