Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome Grant Duncan Barclay

The big day came!  For us to meet the little monkey that's been growing for the last 9 months.  I had Jon take one last picture of me and my belly.  After changing into a hospital gown, answering a million and one questions I walked into the Operating Room around 6:45am, and our third boy was born at 7:06am.

 Grant Duncan Barclay
8 pound 6 ounces - 20.5 inches long
 Love at first sight and sound.
 The first snuggles with Mommy.
 Meeting Big brothers Evan and Dean.  They were very curious of what he'd look like.
 My three boys!

 Evan's happy to have another little brother. We are learning how to be a little more quite and hold the baby softly.
 Grandma Balke sent some beautiful flowers, it's what each new mommy needs, while she is in the Hospital.
Lots of sleeping, it's a good sign. 

Many more pictures will be taken in the next few weeks and we'll make sure to share some of them! We love the new addition to our family!  


Mrs. Vanna Z said...

Jennifer, Jon and family: Congratulations from the ZInke clan! What a beautiful baby boy! I am a little teary. Those newborn moments are such a treasure! Snuggle that baby as long as you can!

Michal said...

Congratulations, Jennifer!! He is so precious and I love his name. Slow things down as much as you can while he is so tiny-- the newborn days are gone before you know it!

Kristine said...

He is so so so so cute! I am kinda sad I won't be able to see him more at church! You guys have such adorable boys :)

The Baileys said...

Jenn!! He's adorable!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family:)