Sunday, September 11, 2011

When Grandma comes to town!

 We were lucky over Labor Day to have Grandma Balke come and visit from California.  The boys ate her up, and couldn't get enough.  She read them stories, brought and built Legos, and let them "leap" over her on the back lawn.  Oh how we love Grandma.  She also painted our kitchen. Yea!  So that as I'm nursing away all winter long, at least my kitchen will look great!  I've promised to get curtains before she comes back. Can't tell you how many times Evan asked if he could paint. So she let him. Yea for Grandma!

 Dean got a turn too. And the finish product is great! Once we get curtains I'll take some good pictures!
And it wouldn't be a trip to Utah without visiting some Kollings. So we had the Kolling women over for dinner. We love you guys!

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