Sunday, September 11, 2011

Airplane Baby Shower

Yea for baby showers!  With their first baby due sooner then later we threw a baby shower for Anna and Scott.  Scott is a pilot and so Anna thought it would be cute to make it airplane themed.   

On the menu was a Spinach Braid, Fruit Kebabs, Veggie tray, Mini Strawberry Shortcakes with Chocolate shavings, Kettle Corn, and Ice water with Lemon. Everything was a hit!

 The cute mama to be Anna.  Don't worry your body will go back to some what normal.
The two of us.  We needed to capture us with our bellies. Because when these boys are 20 we'll look back and think fondly of the summer we were both pregnant. 
Anna with her Mom and sister. 

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meso richie said...

cute aeroplane on table looks nice, feel like your baby might become pilot one day:)
Smiling faces on Baby Shower looks good.