Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Dean!

Three is a big number for such a little kid. And the year that's been from two to three has been a big one too!  We've gotten rid of the pacifier, learned colors and shapes, learned to ride a bike, learned tons of words and is quite good at using them.  Can run faster then Mommy & Daddy, and sleeps most nights in his own bed.  Oh how we love you Dean!!
 He got to choose his meals for his Birthday, and we started out with pancakes!
Birthday Package from Grandma Balke
 All he wanted was a "shoot gun", Mommy & Daddy went for a Nerf!

 Big brother Evan enjoyed the pizza too!
Kind of glad he only ate the ice cream and icing, because it wouldn't be a Birthday without throw-up around 10:30pm.
 The next morning, playing with all the toys.

 The aftermath the next morning. Mommy was too tired to clean up that night.

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Mrs. Vanna Z said...

Wow, Happy Birthday Dean! I can't believe he's already three! What a handsome little boy! I mean, BIG BOY NOW!