Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bikes Bikes Bikes

At some point in a boy's life he learns how to ride a bike. With 2 boys and a third on the way bikes are definitely in our future. We are at that point that Evan wants to ride a big boy bike, and so our adventures start.

A bike would normally be a birthday or Christmas gift. But Evan's birthday is in December and when there's 2 feet of snow of the sidewalk you don't really want a bike.  It is Dean's birthday in August, but it's unfare to get Dean a bike when really Evan's the one who needs it.  So we did 2 early birthday's and got two new bikes. I know we are crazy.

After a week and much running by Daddy Evan can ride a big boy bike, and Dean is having tons of fun pedaling and stopping.

Enjoy the video's Grandma!

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