Monday, July 18, 2011

A little bit of everything!

So this summer had taken over. It's finally warmer and we are enjoying trips to the pool, and lots of ice cream.  A little re-cap of the last few months.
 So yes, I'm growing a baby.  This picture is already 6 weeks old, so my growing bump is larger. We found out we are having a third boy!  Yea for us. It's surprising how being pregnant slows you down just a little bit.
 These two monkeys have been keeping me busy. Evan is 4 1/2 yr. and Dean will shortly be 3.

 We've done some fishing with Daddy and friends.  The boys get so excited every time we catch one, but they don't like the waiting. That's were Mom comes along so that the boys don't frustrate Daddy in between catches.

 And some more sewing!  This was another Amy Butler Birdie Sling. I can't get enough. Finally made myself one.
 Jon's been busy with the basement. We kind of have a deadline.

 I've been trying to keep up on the cooking too.  Tomato based things still don't sound good (thanks to baby) so I've been trying to get around that.  This one was a Chimichanga. So freak'n good, (and easy)
 And there's been a lot of babies born around us. So I've gotten a little pro on the baby burp cloths.  You know you want one too!

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