Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Can Do It! Skill Builder Quilt-A-Long

I'm a sucker for all of the quilt-a-longs that are running online. I feel it's a way to take a quilting class at your own pace and you get the support of the online community.  I joined in on the   BWS tips button

Mostly because I'm not famillar with traditional quilt blocks and thought this would be a good way to learn how to do some of them.  So here is the proof I've started.  My first 4 blocks. I'm trying to use some of the fabric I have so I decided to make each block the same color pallet. 

 Log Cabin
 9 Patch
 Churn Dash
 I'm in love with the pinwheels. Might have to try some of these bigger for a baby quilt. 

It's not to late to start up.  All of the tutorials are great and the best part is you can do it at your pace. I know some of you might think I'm crazy for starting this while expecting. But I figure I can take a little break when baby comes, and hopefully have that hour a week to put together the block. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Carlsbad 2011

Obviously we love camping and we love Carlsbad State Beach, California. We were there in March 2008, July 2009, August 2010 and now July 2011.  It's becoming a tradition for us, but it's a long standing tradition in the Lohrke family.  Here is 2011! 

Cute Patrick.  Camping with a non walker is always a challenge. That will be us again next year!

Kari choose unwisely with the white pajamas. She was a first timer. 
Hanging out at the breakfast table.
Genevieve and Kari, having fun in the water.
 When Jon was not eating, in the water or sleeping, he was studying for his "big" test.  We'll see how he did in a few weeks.
 Don't know if they are looking at the Dolphins or the Squirrels.
 Mom is still trying to figure out what these are made of.
 Kennie ended up getting sunburned and her skin matched her suit.

 We love Kevin and his family! Kevin, Kari, Hyrum, Karlie, and Patrick!

 We made a visit to the San Diego Temple. It was a wonderful day at a beautiful place.

 Half the time was spent digging for sand crabs.
 Most of the kids, minus Charlie Moore.
 Proof I was at the beach too! I begged Jon to take this picture, and I think Brian ended up doing it.
 Daddy helping Evan with boggie boarding.
 The ever stylish Uncle Dustin.
Got to love those dirty faces!

A little bit of everything!

So this summer had taken over. It's finally warmer and we are enjoying trips to the pool, and lots of ice cream.  A little re-cap of the last few months.
 So yes, I'm growing a baby.  This picture is already 6 weeks old, so my growing bump is larger. We found out we are having a third boy!  Yea for us. It's surprising how being pregnant slows you down just a little bit.
 These two monkeys have been keeping me busy. Evan is 4 1/2 yr. and Dean will shortly be 3.

 We've done some fishing with Daddy and friends.  The boys get so excited every time we catch one, but they don't like the waiting. That's were Mom comes along so that the boys don't frustrate Daddy in between catches.

 And some more sewing!  This was another Amy Butler Birdie Sling. I can't get enough. Finally made myself one.
 Jon's been busy with the basement. We kind of have a deadline.

 I've been trying to keep up on the cooking too.  Tomato based things still don't sound good (thanks to baby) so I've been trying to get around that.  This one was a Chimichanga. So freak'n good, (and easy)
 And there's been a lot of babies born around us. So I've gotten a little pro on the baby burp cloths.  You know you want one too!