Friday, April 1, 2011

Random March

Yes, it's April 1st.  Like you I'm shocked that March was so short..... Just holding down the fort here. So here are some Random Pictures for our Random March. 

 Jon decided to introduce the boys to Star Wars. New and old. We've now watched all 6 episodes (14+ hours) oh helps us. And I believe we already have Halloween costumes picked out, Luke and Darth. Should be fun.

 Jon is still diligently working on the basement. It's a lot for one man. So he enlists the help of his brother Scott and our cousin Brad. It will be so nice when it's done, hope we get there.

 Yes I bought some fabric. Should be fun.

Combined two recipes and came up with a, wait for it...... awesome orange roll. I might share my secret but for now I want you all to droll and hope I make some for you. 

Happy April!

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