Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma!

In my mind I wanted a perfect video for Grandma, where the boys looked good, and they both sang, and sang well. But it wasn't going to happen.
Here are the first two takes, right after bath, but before Church. (they were clean) But Grumpy pants Evan came out.

Requested Photos

Our relatives in Germany requested that I post more pictures of the boys.  I guess they don't like my craftiness as much, as I do. I think really they just like to see my cute boys. (they are super cute if I say so my self)

So here is a quick picture review of some fun we had at Christmas.
We went to Vosen's Bakery in SLC (a must if you love German Brotchen) for St. Nicolaus day. They gave out the best German style gingerbread men, I tried and tried over Christmas to duplicate, with no success. 

 We had a wonderful German Christmas Dinner of Rolladen, potatoes, gurken salat, and butternut squash. Can't forget the Martinelle's.

 We had a huge snow storm the Tuesday before Christmas. So we had Santa come a little early because they boys got sleds for Christmas. It was a good thing because by Christmas we had to go up American Fork Canyon to find snow and it wasn't that good. Jon owes Brian and Dustin for putting together the Sleds.