Friday, January 28, 2011

Babies Galore!

It feels like a bunch of people I know and love are having babies. So I'm in full baby gift mode.  

We start with Baby Pender Fritz, born to my good friend Janelle who moved to Texas back in July. I purchased the "baby" print about a year ago in California on a trip to M& L's.  But when I got it home I found it hard to put colors with. so I stuck in my stash.   I had gone to IKEA and picked up some fabric for Pender but when I got it home if felt a little girly, so I went through my stash and re-found the "baby" print and was determined to find some other fabric to go with it. A trip to Hobby Lobby solved my problems.

 The original pattern I designed is very simple, it was the really the colors that stretched me, as well as the quilting.

 We can't forget big brother Zayne, he is a big fan of skulls. Something to keep him busy. I found this great tutorial for the Crayon Roll on The Pleated Poppy.

 Then we have up coming baby showers for two of my cousins.  I believe they are going to be over loaded in the baby blanket realm, so I went for embellished burp cloths. Really happy with the way these came out.


The Baileys said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Truly! You have such talent, and it amazes me you get it all done! You are wonder-mom!!

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

I LOVE the first pattern. I just pulled out my sewing machine in hopes to really learn how to sew and I'm new to the bloggin world. Any tips for a newbie?

Lauren @ YoungNester said...

Amazing! Thank you so much! I hope one day to be as great as you at sewing! I'm sure I'll have more questions soon but I'll try not to wear you out! :)