Monday, November 28, 2011

Lovely Thanksgiving!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving here in Utah with the Barclay side, hope you did wherever you spent your time!  

This year we are grateful for much! Grateful for our family and loved ones, for the addition of Grant to our family.  We are grateful for work, and the means to sustain our growing family.  We are grateful for our testimonies is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have been blessed!

There was no attempt to get a family picture at Thanksgiving, last year wasn't that successful.  Maybe will try to get a candid one in the new few weeks.
 We are grateful for little Joshua and Grant!

 Love this face!

Here are a few shots of our feast!
 It was a small group this year, just 15 of us. Babies and all!

 Tye was done 5 minutes into the meal! He ended up falling asleep while Grandma held him.
 Took a little walk with the kids after the meal! Evan, Eeva, and Dean
Yes, all the leaves are off the trees! But no snow on the ground yet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grant at 3 weeks!

We've made it to three weeks for our Little Grant.  Time has flown by, and it feels like he's been part of our family forever.  We just love him, and he's such a good baby. Lots of eating, sleeping, and pooping!  I rounded up some pictures of Evan and Dean at 3 weeks. They look like they could be related!  Though I think Grant has more poundage on him then either Evan or Dean had.

 Here are my three cute boys!! Evan at almost 5, Dean 3 and Grant 3 weeks.

Done with taking pictures, but wanted to show Grandma Balke her cute outfit on the little guy.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Elephants and Bikes Baby Quilt

I guess I'm a softie for new babies and new quilts. Subsequently I've made a baby quilt for each of my boys. With each quilt my skills have improved.  
Evan's quilt was a simple rag quilt where none of the corners matched up, but that quilt remains a favorite.  Dean's quilt was simple strips that were sewn together.  It was the first real binding I had ever done, and I tied the quilt with white baby yarn  because I didn't have a sewing machine that could quilt.  Fast forward 3 years and I have a better machine and I've made a lot more quilts.  

So for this third baby quilt I wanted to do something great. Well the great ideas didn't come. All summer long as my belly grew I contemplated the baby quilt I wanted to make.  I had seen the Michael Miller collection of fabric called zoologie that had animals, and another that had bikes.  I couldn't decide which I liked better until the women at the fabric store said why not use both.  So I bought up some fabric, and waited for the great pattern idea to come.  And it came in the form of a pin on Pinterest.  Nettie over at A quilt is nice  did a Pips quilt that was layed out and quilted on the diagonal.  What inspiration!!  I loved the rounded corners too.

So I took my fabric and inspiration and made "elephants and bikes" as I'm calling this quilt.  I learned that minkie is really hard to piece.  And that basting a quilt while 9 months pregnant is never easy.   But that when made with love anything is possible.  I just love the way this quilt turned out and the little guy it was meant for. 
I'm entering this quilt in the Blogger's Quilt Festival, I'm a first timer.  It's a great way to see beautiful work out there!  I'm #580.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

May the Force Be With Us - Happy Halloween 2011

The story behind our Halloween costumes. 
Evan and Dean made up their minds back in March that they wanted to be Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader for Halloween (7 months away).  We had been to Disneyland in February and they were enthralled with the Jedi Training Acadamy Show.  Daddy had let them watch all 6 Star Wars Movies, and they loved them.  And after the movies we had to make a run to Target for the $8.99 light sabers.  

To top things off Volkswagen came up with this commercial.

It sealed the deal! And gave us inspiration for a great Darth Vader costume.

 Here is 3 year old Dean as Darth Vader with his red light saber.  We started with black sweat pants, and a black long sleeve shirt both super inexpensive at Wal-Mart.  I made a black cape off of this on-line tutorial from Georgia Leigh.  We then studied pictures of Darth Vader and came up with armor and chest box using fux leather and pleather.  The big splurge was the Adult Size helmet/face mask.  But we figured with 3 boys it's not going to be the last Darth Vader costume. 

For Evan's Luke Skywalker, we pulled brown pants, shoes, and a Henley shirt from his closet.  I modified a pajama shirt pattern and made a tunic out of muslin, and we shopped the local thrift store for a brown leather belt.  I then followed this tutorial on how to make a Jedi Robe.  Both robe and cape were out of sweat shirt material that we bought at JoAnn's fabric store with coupons. It was the right thickness and created nice flow and kept them warm.  

 Grandma was in town so it made for a fun night!
 Grandma does lunch sack lanterns at her house for Halloween, so we thought we'd do a few, it was a cool way to great trick or treaters.
 Still being somewhat new to Halloween they got tuckered out fast, but still came home with quite a bit of candy.  We allowed 3 pieces and then put it up!

We can't forget our newest trick-or-treater.  Mummy Loves Me. He will be forever linked with Halloween since his Birthday in only a week before.

Think we'll keep Him.

 Our sweet Grant is a week old!  We are enjoying having him at home with us and we are trying to get use to having a baby around.  Which means trying to be a lot more quite while he is sleeping.  Luckily it appears as though for now he can sleep through quite a bit of noise.
 Big brother Evan loves holding Grant.
 First sponge bath at home. He didn't like being naked, but loved having the water washed over his head.

Dean and Evan had to get into the action.
Grandma Balke has been visiting us.  Yea for Grandma!! She gives Evan and Dean the attention they need and is the magic fairy who has kept the dishes washed, laundry done, floor mopped,  and so much more.
 Grandma and her three Grandsons

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome Grant Duncan Barclay

The big day came!  For us to meet the little monkey that's been growing for the last 9 months.  I had Jon take one last picture of me and my belly.  After changing into a hospital gown, answering a million and one questions I walked into the Operating Room around 6:45am, and our third boy was born at 7:06am.

 Grant Duncan Barclay
8 pound 6 ounces - 20.5 inches long
 Love at first sight and sound.
 The first snuggles with Mommy.
 Meeting Big brothers Evan and Dean.  They were very curious of what he'd look like.
 My three boys!

 Evan's happy to have another little brother. We are learning how to be a little more quite and hold the baby softly.
 Grandma Balke sent some beautiful flowers, it's what each new mommy needs, while she is in the Hospital.
Lots of sleeping, it's a good sign. 

Many more pictures will be taken in the next few weeks and we'll make sure to share some of them! We love the new addition to our family!