Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Craft Exchange

I was able to participate in a craft exchange, through Craftaholics Anonymous.  I was matched up with my partner Michelle in Carson City, Nevada.  We stalked each other a little bit on Facebook and then made each other a gift.

I noticed that most of the colors she wore in her photos were natural colors, and she's a mom of four. So I made her the Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag.  (I'm very proud of the way it came out)
I found this great fabric at the local Hobby Lobby. I'm not a normal Hobby Lobby shopper, but I've been enjoying an alternative fabric choice to JoAnne's, of which I was getting a little tired of. 

I love the pockets inside. Don't worry I've purchased some fabric for myself with this bag intended.  I just need things to settle down a bit so I can do it in peace without a deadline.

My partner Michelle made me a lovely Christmas decoration. It is a glass block.  I might add some lights inside. Haven't decided.