Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!!! If your in the mist of a sugar comma, sit down drink some water and hide the candy.  
Our little Peter Pan and Captain Hook had fun dressing up but the rain and cold were too much and we only made it to about 15 houses.   So we don't have enough candy to be in a sugar comma.  Oh well there is always next year. 

I'm really excited about their costumes.  They are 100% homemade (well not the plastic hook) but everything else, so really 95%. 
 Evan wanted to be Captain Hook since about July.  Which allowed me to get a 99 cent pattern.  Though I had to tweek it a bit. I'm most proud of the hat.!!
 This is his pirate face.

 Dean showing off his costume.  I thought the brown cords were alright.

 How can 15 houses make a pirate this tired.
 Dean choose a large Tootsie Pop as his piece of candy.  One sticky mess.
This is our view on this beautiful Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Would you mind if I pinned the to my PInterest for a halloween costume idea??

Jennifer said...

That fine with me. Hope it gives you some inspiration