Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Splash Park Fun

Friends and Neighbors have turned us on to a few Splash parks just over the hill in Herriman and Riverton.  It's a great way to have water fun without a pool of water. And the best part is that it's Free! The kids really like it, and the moms like sitting and chatting.  We take our lunches and make the most of a few hours of summer fun.

Adventures in German Cooking

I don't know if it was watching Germany play in the World Cup, or the year, and half since I've been to Germany but I thought I could be like Julie & Julia and start a blog about my adventures in German cooking.  Jon vetoed that idea quickly, oh well.  So I'll share some of my fun cooking/baking German style with you!

I made a mean chicken Schnitzel and Austria Potato Salad.  Thanks to recipes from American's Test Kitchen.  They teach you a meathod where you shake the pot of oil white the Schnitzel is cooking which creates pockets between the meat and the breading.  I think this is what makes the difference and makes it really authentic.  Try it, you'll see  a real difference. 
Then I tried some Brotchen.  (Not all in the same day)  If you've never had a German Brotchen you've now found one more thing to add to your Bucket list.  The Brotchen had the right taste but I've got to work on the shaping and the wash for the top.           
Next I tired my hand at Bienenstich.  It is a wonderful yeast base cake, with a vanilla pudding whipped cream center and crunchy almond topping.  Last time I was in Germany I think I ate 3 pieces in one sitting at 11:00 at night.  It's that good. I started with the two German cook books I have and then found a "smaller" recipe from Dr. Oetker online.  Smaller in the sense that it had less flour.  Everything is measured in grams, that's where your scale will come in hand.
I used the wrong sized pan.  According to my Mom when Germans buy stoves over in Germany they come with a set group of pans to use.  So I guessed a spring form but that was to small as you can see and the topping oozed up and over.  Since, I've tried it in a quarter sheet pan and it worked ok.  The topping still seemed too runny.  I'll continue to try to perfect.  I love it that much. 

A busy July

We've had a really busy July, and we hope you have too.   Starting with Camping over the 4th of July up American Fork Canyon at Timpooneke. We had a wonderful 3 nights with Jon's family.  While up there we also hiked to Timp Cave.  It was a long hike with the boys but well worth it! We all got real dirty and the showers/baths at home were much needed. We can't forget we got in a little fishing!  What would be more important than documenting the fishing we've done this summer. Hahaha.
The Gang, Soctt & Anna, Kirk & Eeva, Anne, Will, 
Jon, Jennifer( Taking the picture) Evan & Dean                                  
Lots of carrying and lots of hand holding.