Friday, January 8, 2010

Our big Sunbeam

A big milestone for Evan came at the start of the new year, he moved from Nursery to Sunbeams. It's a big transition from playing with toys and having snack time, to going in the big Primary room with the other kids, and having to sit still. He did great for his first week. He came home with a I'm a Child of God crown. He was so proud of his crown and wore it the whole day, and the whole next day, until the staples gave out. He then said "I take my crown back to my sunbeam teachers and they can fix it"

What's next, well Dean get's to go to Nursery in February when he turns 18 months old. Yeah!!! It will be nice not to juggle a kid during Sunday School and Relief Society. But I find myself with plenty to do since they called me to be Relief Society President. So really it's going to be a nice break for Jon. haha

Christmas in California

We were fortunate enough to drive south for Christmas for a great time with Grandma Balke and a little warmer weather. The 10-12 hour car ride never gets shorter but it's always worth it. Here are a few highlights of our trip.

Our 4 socks filled with goodies from "Santa"

The big gift from Santa for Evan and Dean was a few sets of Geo Tacks. Little did I know 3 weeks later we still have Geo-Tracks on our family room floor and every morning I here the words "Mom you built a new track, a good one like Daddy." I've become the master track builder, when Daddy is not around.

On Christmas Day we went up to Rose Hills to view the newly placed grave marker for my Dad. It's such a peaceful place and it was nice to go and do that. I really missed him this holiday season.

And what would a trip to California be without a visit to the beach! We stopped off at Seal Beach! The boys had fun discovering sand and watching the birds and surfers. It was a beautiful day on the beach in December!

A few pictures of us playing in Grandma Balke's front yard. She has a beautiful Ginkgo tree that's leaves turn yellow and fall in December.

That's our fun in California. We returned home to find snow, snow and snow. It was a nice break from the white stuff and we hope to go back soon!