Sunday, July 26, 2009

24th of July Camping

Like most States Utah celebrates all of the normally holidays, New Years, Christmas, Memorial Day, Independence day, and then we throw in Pioneer Day, the 24th of July. It's the day the first group of pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley back in 1847. It's a big deal here and everyone get's the day off. This year we though it would be fun to go camping with the Barclay family. We reserved 2 nights at Timpooneke. We had a lovely time, the boys got sufficiently dirty and we were all happy to see a shower on Saturday when we got home.

Dean and Daddy

One of the many paths.

Evan playing in the Tent.
Newlyweds, Anna and Scott

Kimberly and Eeva

Evan, he thought the bowl was best on his head, and sure liked the pine cones, a few ended up in the bag when we got home.

Dean found the bag of marshmallows when we got home.
Everyone around the fire, eating dinner.

Will, Jon and a very sleepy Dean.

A beautiful view of the mountains and the trail.

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple

We had the opportunity as a family to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple Open House. It was beautiful to see another house of the lord, and especially to take our kids with us. We had a lovely time, and the cookie at the end was great!

Evan found the water at the front.

I just love pictures with Daddies and kids.!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Little Liederhosen Evan

Most parents think their kids are so dang cute, and so it's very true that I think Evan is one cute kid. I especially love when I get to dress him up in Liederhosen. Last year they were just a bit big. This year they fit so nice.

This picture is just for Grandma Balke...he's eating beans!! and Zucchini.

We are so lucky because we have an Oma that lives in Germany and sends us fun Euro Clothes!! I love it. And yes the next picture is of Evan's feet. He is in a 10-11 the same size as most 1st graders, he's 2 and 1/2. I knew he had big feet at birth, when the nurse said " the has freakishly big feet"

We can't forget the Drive to California

It's a long old drive to California, and no matter how many times we drive it, the 700 miles don't get any shorter. The new minivan did offer more comfort and allowed us to take Charlie the dog with us. We were all ready to get out when we got home.

Daddy driving.

Evan in his seat

Dean in his seat.. We can't wait for the front facing seat!!!!

Carlsbad 2009

We love camping, and especially camping at the beach. Carlsbad is one of our favorite spots and we were lucky enough that Grandma Balke got reservations back in December for the week before the 4th of July. We had a wonderful time, and I hope these memories and many more camping at the beach will become our family's favorite. Definately many of my favorite memories with my family are of camping.

Evan loves Sunglasses that are too big for him.

Anna, Kennie and Genevieve trying to catch some sun!

Cute Cute Dean.

Daddy playing with Evan and the Boggie Board

( Evan and Uncle Dustin.... thank goodness fo Uncles who like to get dirty)

Dean ate sand.... lots of sand.

Running for the water.

Dean at sand... and he ate rocks.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Squash Bugs

Lately a lot of people have been asking questions about Squash Bugs and their zucchini. I thought I'd post the recommendations from Utah State on how to deal with these annoying buggers.

Most people ask what to spray, but the thing to keep in mind is that insecticides are not really effective against these pests. According to USU:

Squash bugs are very difficult to control. Insecticides are not very effective, but if insecticides are used they work best against the very young nymphs.

  • If you plan to use insecticides, sprays should be applied when small nymphs are present, which generally occurs early in the season.
  • Before spraying, check plants carefully to make certain that small nymphs are present. Squash bugs hide on the underside of leaves or down near the base of the plant.
  • Nonchemical methods of control are usually as effective as insecticides. Serious attack by squash bugs can be avoided by planting sensitive varieties early so harvest is complete by early August.
  • Once harvest is complete, remove the squash plants from garden. Plants left in the garden allow the bugs to build up to higher numbers, which will lead to greater problems the following year.
  • Plant varieties of squash that are less sensitive to the bugs. Zucchini seems to be the variety most sensitive to attack by squash bugs. Other summer varieties and most winter varieties seem better able to tolerate feeding by squash bugs.
  • Squash bugs are active during the day. At night the bugs hide under boards or other objects. This behavior can be used against them in small scale plantings such as gardens. Place boards near the plants (between rows or around the garden edge) and early every morning turn them over and squish all the bugs you find.
  • Squash bugs also seek out sites like wood piles or sheds to spend the winter. Large numbers of bugs overwintering in these sites can lead to high numbers of bugs in your garden the following year.

What we have been doing this year which seems very effective is going out to the garden most evenings and looking for squash bugs and their eggs. We usually find several adults and quite a few eggs. Killing the adults is pretty easy as they are slow enough that you can grab them and they are easy to squish. Eggs are pretty easy to spot and we simply make a point of smashing the eggs.

When we first started we would find several dozen clusters of eggs each night. But now a couple of weeks after our squash bug genocide began we only find one or two clusters a night.

If you already have many many squash bugs and egg clusters that have hatched you may consider spraying. These are the recommended insecticides for home owners: Ace Dust, Bayer Advanced Dust, or Bonide Eight.

For more information check out the USU fact sheet on Squash Bugs

Thursday, July 9, 2009

95 Honda Civic

This 95 Civic is in great condition, we are the second owners and have had the car for 9 years. It runs great. Unlike a lot of Civics this one has all OEM parts except the stereo which is a JVC HD radio and CD player.

This is a stick shift, which makes the car a lot of fun to drive. We normally get 36 - 38 miles per gallon in normal driving. We have a free copy of the AutoCheck report available.

See more about this car at

Email is the best contact, but you can also call in the evenings.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moving back to Blogger

Things are always changing and Jenn and I decided to make some changes to the Blog. We enjoyed having our own hosting and utilizing wordpress, but for as much as we used it the benefits really did not seem to outweigh the costs. So we're making a switch.

We've both begun using social media like facebook and twitter to share things that in the past would have made it on the website. It doesn't eliminate the need for a public place to share thoughts, photos, and other content, but it certainly changes how we use the website.

Look for pictures from our camping trip at Carlsbad State Beach soon!