Monday, September 8, 2008

Evan the Big Brother

The first week Evan wasn't so sure about baby Dean. Now he's a fan and Mommy's biggest helper. Whenever the baby monitor is on, and Dean starts fussing Evan says"baby", and if I'm in the other room he comes and finds me to make sure I know that baby is not happy.

So we've lived through 2 weeks with 2 kids. It hasn't been too bad, but I have to admit I had lots of help from my Mom and Dad last week. And people in the ward have been so nice and brought us dinners. And it helps that Dean is a dream baby. He eats good, sleeps good, and is generally a happy baby.

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The Baileys said...

Oh Jenn, he is so sweet!!! I am glad you are doing well and that Evan is adjusting to having a baby around!

Nicole J. said...

Dean looks soooo precious! Evan is going to be a great big brother. How fun for them to be able to have each other to play with the older they get. I hope you are feeling well!

Megan and John said...

Dean is beautiful! I am already jealous at how quickly you're back to the blogging world-- you must be supermom! I hope that all goes well as you adjust with two. I look forward to checking up often. Congrats again!