Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can it be Fall if it's still 85 degrees?

It's October and we're ready for some Autumn fun! But can it be Fall if it's still 85 degrees?? I guess it can, but good new in sight it should be cooler this weekend. Jon and I wanted to make sure and see the Fall foliage so we took a picnic dinner up the canyon. It was fun to cool off for a little bit, see the colors and let Evan play. Dean slept.

Our little tree huger.

No picture can do it justice.
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Silly Evan

Jon and I just busted out laughing when we went to go to bed and found Evan laying like this, hands up in the air and facing horizontal in the bed. He must be taking after his Grandpa who has never been able to wake up in the same spot he feel asleep in.
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Dean's Cute Pajamas

I just love babies in soft comfy pajamas. This pair was a gift from Grandma Balke. They have cute sailboats and stars on them.

Sleepy boy Dean

He's working on a smile, give us a few more weeks.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

The wonderful harvest season is upon us. My in-laws love gardening thus we benefit from their bounty when the tomatoes come ripe. This year my father-in-law is out of town thus we have been given the bulk of the ripe tomatoes until he comes back and eats his 10 a day again.

The real question is what to do with this many tomatoes?

The answer is peal them, stick them in a jar, and process them to enjoy on a cold winters day some time come January. And that's just what I did yesterday. Now I know what you are thinking, crazy lady with a toddler and 1 month old, what are you doing putting up that many tomatoes? I asked myself that question about half way through all of this, and the problem was I wasn't thinking. It took me all day long!! But that's ok, I know we'll be eating fabulous lasagna or spaghetti with these yummy tomatoes in March. Some might ask, why didn't you venture out and do salsa or something. We'll we are leaving that adventure to next week when were sure to have more tomatoes. And a big thanks to my friend Michelle for letting me use her caner, I went to buy one and they were all out.

Now our own garden did, let's just say ok. Our zucchini was eaten by squash bugs and we only got 2 beans to sprout and only 1 actual bean to pick off of those. But our corn did great! We'll some of it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I caught a picture of Evan and Dean still in their pajamas this morning. I can't believe 3 weeks has gone by since Dean was born. I'm just trying to snuggle him as much as possible because before I know it he'll be as big as Evan is now. I'm also trying to catch random pictures. I never want to be accused of have a gazillion pictures of Evan (because he was the first) and not as many of the children to follow.

Dean at 3 weeksEvan at 3-4 weeks

Monday, September 8, 2008

Evan the Big Brother

The first week Evan wasn't so sure about baby Dean. Now he's a fan and Mommy's biggest helper. Whenever the baby monitor is on, and Dean starts fussing Evan says"baby", and if I'm in the other room he comes and finds me to make sure I know that baby is not happy.

So we've lived through 2 weeks with 2 kids. It hasn't been too bad, but I have to admit I had lots of help from my Mom and Dad last week. And people in the ward have been so nice and brought us dinners. And it helps that Dean is a dream baby. He eats good, sleeps good, and is generally a happy baby.

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