Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Shower

Thanks to my family for having a baby shower for Barclay Baby #2 (No we don't have a name yet). We are the last ones to have a baby this summer so it's fun to see all the other babies at 3 months old and 2 weeks old. It was fun to get a few new things and the books were great! But most of all it's always a fun time to just get together and talk.
Grandma Betty, Keri and Melissa's friend Whitney

Aunt Diane and Crystal holding the new baby.

Aunt Gail and Anne in the back, and Evan sneaking some nuts (wait he doesn't like nuts)

Aunt Cheryl being the grandma trying to explain to Evan that we are going to have a baby at our house soon.

Opening some cute books.

This shot is for my mom, she wanted to see how big my belly is.

All the fun clothes.

I'm in love with this giraffe. I almost bought Evan this outfit in the spring, but it just wasn't as cute in 18 month size.


Nicole J. said...

Oh cute! I love all the clothes. I can't believe you're having another baby any day now. I'm sad I'm not in Utah anymore but I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of the new one soon on your blog. I hope everything goes great!

Morgan said...

I'm so bummed out that I missed this!! Looks like you had a great time. Good luck this week!! We'll be thinking of you.


zinke said...

Jennifer...the only reason I don't like living in the East is missing so many Lohrke family milestones. :( Good luck with baby #2!