Saturday, August 23, 2008

40 Weeks + 2 days

Not very women can say they are 10 months pregnant. But I've hit that point. Thursday was my due date and I really had hope that this little guy would come. But here I sit 40 weeks +2 days. There is an end in sight, we have a c-section scheduled for tomorrow the 24th. So ready or not he's coming out. I guess I'm really lucky because I'm not sick while pregnant, gain a relatively small amount of weight, and carry full term, it's just getting them out that's been my challenge. I'm glad to live in 2008 instead of 1808.

So with my free time I thought I'd make my own little guy a quilt, since I've done so many others this summer. I really like this polka dot fabric and thought the blue stripe went well.

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Morgan said...

Yeah! Tomorrow is the big day! We'll be thinking about you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Nicole J. said...

I'm excited to see pics of the little one! Yeah! I love the quilt!