Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dean Thomas Barclay

Dean Thomas Barclay
Born: Sunday 24th August, 8:19 am, 7 lbs, 18 inches long

Saturday, August 23, 2008

40 Weeks + 2 days

Not very women can say they are 10 months pregnant. But I've hit that point. Thursday was my due date and I really had hope that this little guy would come. But here I sit 40 weeks +2 days. There is an end in sight, we have a c-section scheduled for tomorrow the 24th. So ready or not he's coming out. I guess I'm really lucky because I'm not sick while pregnant, gain a relatively small amount of weight, and carry full term, it's just getting them out that's been my challenge. I'm glad to live in 2008 instead of 1808.

So with my free time I thought I'd make my own little guy a quilt, since I've done so many others this summer. I really like this polka dot fabric and thought the blue stripe went well.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

The boys Swimming

These are some pictures from a few weeks ago. We went to the pool for a few hours in the afternoon. It takes Evan a while to warm up to the water thing, and just when he's liking it the pool takes a forced break.

Zayne loves the water and has no fear.

They didn't mind sharing crackers but didn't like being in the same chair together.
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Canning Green beans

I've kept myself busy these last few weeks. My mother-in-law has green beans coming out of her hair so she gave some to us. I froze a bunch but thought I'd try canning some too. Thanks to Michelle for letting me use her pressure cooker.

My little helper Evan.

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Baby Shower

Thanks to my family for having a baby shower for Barclay Baby #2 (No we don't have a name yet). We are the last ones to have a baby this summer so it's fun to see all the other babies at 3 months old and 2 weeks old. It was fun to get a few new things and the books were great! But most of all it's always a fun time to just get together and talk.
Grandma Betty, Keri and Melissa's friend Whitney

Aunt Diane and Crystal holding the new baby.

Aunt Gail and Anne in the back, and Evan sneaking some nuts (wait he doesn't like nuts)

Aunt Cheryl being the grandma trying to explain to Evan that we are going to have a baby at our house soon.

Opening some cute books.

This shot is for my mom, she wanted to see how big my belly is.

All the fun clothes.

I'm in love with this giraffe. I almost bought Evan this outfit in the spring, but it just wasn't as cute in 18 month size.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ward BBQ

Since our ward just split they had a getting to know everyone BBQ/Delayed Pioneer day celebration. The fun for the kids was the bike parade. Evan represented the under 3 crowd with his bike and balloons.

Evan and Jon lead the parade.

When it was over Evan had to sit down on the curb and take a break.
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