Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sewing Projects

I've had all of these projects I've wanted to do before the baby comes, because I know I won't have time after, so I've been plugging away at some of the sewing. Thanks Jon for being patient while the kitchen table has been covered in sewing stuff for the last few days. Bathroom cleaning is on my list too anyone want to come help with that one.

This is a diaper bag I've put together for a friend. It's my first "bag" so I'm really happy the way it turned out, and I'm super in love with the fabric that I got at Broadbents in Lehi.

Below is the quit that I've put off doing the binding since April. I had never done binding on a quilt and was a little scared to be truthful. But it needed to get done. So I got out the directions and did it. I'm not going to say that it's perfect or that I didn't use my seam ripper a few times but I think it looks great and I even hand stitched the back of it.

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Nicole J. said...

Oh! I LOVE the bag! Too cute! You should have an etsy shop and start selling some of your sewing projects.